Importance of enlisting a lawyer after a truck accident

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When a truck accident occurs, many families are devastated because they or their loved ones have been injured. Though the typical initial response of truck accident survivors is to look for a better hospital facility that will provide them proper treatment, it is also a good decision to enlist a lawyer.


Trucking companies are strictly required to follow federal and state regulations and they can be penalized by the law from committing violations mostly if it resulted to injuries and property damages. The state of Georgia provides trucking regulations that aim to promote road safety. The website of Ausband & Dumont says that sometimes truck accident victims are reluctant to pursue damage claims as they believe that they are also responsible in the accident. A lawyer may possibly help an accident victim determine whether to file a personal injury claim and which of the parties that can be held liable for his or her injuries. One should realize that the trucking industry is a huge business and aside from truck drivers, different companies and organizations can also be held liable when a truck accident occur. Based from extensive knowledge and experience, a lawyer may easily point out negligent parties for victims to possibly get all the financial assistance they need to recover.  At some point, truck accident victims in Atlanta should understand that they may possibly get compensations even they are somewhat negligent. Under “comparative negligence” approach, when an accident took place that resulted to an injury, negligence between two parties is both assessed. For instance a car driver suffered injuries after his vehicle was rear-ended by a semi-truck. The accident happened after the car driver recklessly stepped on the brake pedal. In this situation, the truck driver can still be held liable and the injured car driver may still get compensations from the truck driver or his employer. Personal injury lawyers often understand that truck accident victims should fairly get compensations for them to recover their financial loss.

Keeping semis safe from deadly crashes through inspection

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In a report by CBS Wednesday, October 7, a deadly Texas truck accident killed two adults, two kids, and an unborn child after their SUV was hit by an 18-wheeler truck on a flyover ramp from Interstate 20. The car was caught under the semis and burst into flame when the semi-trailer’s tank exploded. Unfortunately, this tragic incident is widespread not just in Texas, but in the entire country as well. In fact, according to the website of the truck accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher, many fatal road-related incidents in the country have been associated with commercial trucks.

There are many possible causes of semi-trailer accidents. According to an Atlanta semi-truck accident lawyer website, mechanical defects are among the most common. To prevent tragic accidents from happening because of mechanical failure, drivers should inspect their vehicle and their trailer before hitting the road. Here are the parts that should be inspected, and the tools you should use during your inspection:

  1. Bumper and headlights – Check if low beam and full beam are functioning
  2. Engine – Use flashlight and an inspection mirror to inspect hard-to-see areas.
  3. Tires – Use air gauge to check for pressure. Do not forget to inspect your spare tire.
  4. Fuel tank – Use flashlight to check inside. Visually inspect for any leak.
  5. Air tanks – Use wrench or spanner to tighten the drain or to open it to get rid of any water.
  6. Drive shafts – Tap test to check if it produces hollow sound.
  7. Battery area – Visually inspect if connections are secured.
  8. Outside and undercarriage – Use mirror to check for hard-to-see areas.
  9. Rear lights and tail lights – Check if both lights are functioning.
  10. Doors – Visually inspect if the bolts, rivets and door hinges are secured.
  11. Inside trailer – Visually inspect if the floor is flat and bolted down, and if sidewalls are secured and have no loose panels.

As said on the website of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, inspecting your semi-trailer before hitting the road could spell the difference between safety and danger, and life and death. Make it a habit to check your big rig regularly before driving!